About Us

Mini Donut Factory® is a unique concept that was founded in 2008 – we are a Mini Donut bakery + a retail store combined into one!

You can witness the entire Mini Donut making process right in front of your eyes in real time. We start out by mixing the dough and we finish with the final stage of ready-to-eat delicious hot Mini Donuts. Then, you can select one of our appealing toppings on your dozen Mini Donuts. Essentially, you get to choose your donuts and watch them being made and select the most delicious toppings right in front of your eyes.

Our range of appealing toppings includes the traditional powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar and we also have more exotic toppings, such as strawberry, chocolate and caramel sauce.

Pair your donuts with locally roasted coffee or hot chocolate, ice tea or cold brew coffee.

Our Story

Mini Donut Factory® currently has three locations in Illinois. We date back to 2008 when our original location opened its doors to our Gurnee Mills customers. Since then, we have been able to build upon the initial success of the brand, by developing both improved classic Mini Donuts, as well as our most popular flavor toppings for the freshly baked Mini Donuts. We saw our first expansion in 2015, as we opened our doors to Chicago Ridge customers. Then in 2016, we expanded our presence yet again in the Gurnee Mills Mall; by opening an in-line store meaning we could deliver faster service to our customers in one of the largest malls in the country.

We continue today to conquer people's hearts through their stomachs by delivering fresh and finger-licking hot Mini Donuts.

Get ready to find more of our stores in two more locations this year!